Project Results



The project will analyze, design, develop and implement an up-to-date curriculum, e-learning materials, blended learning environment, knowledge and skills self-evaluation and knowledge evaluation system simulations for students and other users in order to prevent from phishing attacks, raise competencies in this area for identification and prevention of threats.

The main intellectual outputs are related to cybersecurity and future competencies and they will include:
1. Study analysis and recommendations: Avoiding phishing attacks and improving critical thinking: 
(IO1-A1) Survey results “Recognising phishing and skills gaps”  (EST, GR, LV, LT
(IO1-A2) Results “Analysis of Existing Cybersecurity training programmes”  (EST, GR, LV, LT
2. Course Curriculum and localization:
(IO2-A1) Short version of curricula for dissemination (EST, GR, LV, LT
(IO2 A2) Extended version of curricula for training material development and for training (EST, GR, LV, LT
CyberPhish online course
3. (IO3) Online learning material (the output is integrated into the online learning platform)
4. (IO4) Simulations for education (gamification) (the output is integrated into the online learning platform)
5. (IO5) Self-evaluation and knowledge evaluation testing (the output is integrated into the online learning platform)
6. Methodological guidelines for trainers and for implementation of „Phishing in age of 4th industrial revolution“:
(IO6-A1) Methodological Guidelines for Trainers (EST, GR, LV, LT
(IO6-A2) Guidelines for Implementation (EST, GR, LV, LT