Free CyberPhish course for those who want to avoid online scams

Anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge of online fraud is welcome to enroll in the pilot online learning course. You will learn about phishing attacks by using training materials and scenarios where you will have to identify if it is a phishing attack and what you would do in such a situation.

Participants will learn in a distance learning environment, using learning materials, self-evaluation tests and simulations. At the end of the course, participants are encouraged to take a final exam. A certificate of participation will be awarded to those who pass the final test with a score of at least 75%.

Participants in the pilot training can compete against each other by collecting points and badges for solving self-tests and simulations.

The CyberPhish pilot training in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Greek will run in all partner countries until the end of September.

Participants are expected to gain a better understanding of cyber security, learn how to recognize phishing, how to avoid online scams, and what to do in the event of a fraud issue.

Register at to enroll in the free online course.