The CyberPhish Multiplier Event in Lithuania

The Multiplier Event of the CyberPhish project took place in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 26 October 2022.

The seminar was attended by SMK University of Applied Social Sciences, Vytautas Magnus university, Kaunas University of Technology lecturers, administrative staff, students, representatives of adult education organisations and IT associations. During the event, the CyberPhish project and its results were presented, as well as a demonstration of the online learning environment, knowledge assessment tests and scenarios.

The main emphasis of the seminar was the testing of the CyberPhish project’s training course, the developed products and the sharing of best practices. The discussions focused on online threats, how to identify them, how to protect against online scams and what measures to take in case of an incident. Participants were also presented with good practices from the pilot training and shared insights from experts and participants of the pilot training.

During the event, there was interest in embedding all or part of the CyberPhish course in the training or dissemination activities of other organisations, and an agreement was reached to hold training events on online fraud for staff of educational institutions.

For those who were unable to attend the event, please view the presentations given at the event:

  • Preventive measures to combat online fraud (LT)
    Presentation of the results and recommendations of the research and analysis on online fraud. How do phishing attacks work, why are they successful, how can they be identified and how can we protect ourselves?
    Assoc. Prof. Dr K. Driaunys, Kaunas University Faculty

  • CyberPhish course and the use of innovative tools in the learning process (LT)
    Presentation of the course and environment. Use of scenarios in contact and distance learning for lecturers and students.
  • Presentation of CyberPhish learning environment (LT)
    Dr R. Danielienė, Public Institution “Institute of Information Technologies”

  • Practical workshop: fraud recognition (scenario solving)
    Assoc. Prof. Dr K. Driaunys, Kaunas University Faculty of Economics

  • Practical discussion, course reflection, feedback, evaluation of presented results
    Moderator: dr. V. Moskaliova, Kaunas University Faculty of Economics
  • Practical interactive exercise: how to recognize phishing messages 
    Dr R. Danielienė, Public Institution “Institute of Information Technologies”

  • Self-confidence and knowledge assessment (LT)
    E. E. Žiliuvienė, Public Institution “Information Technology Institute”

  • Presentation of pilot results (LT)
    Dr R. Danielienė, Public Institution “Information Technology Institute”