The CyberPhish Multiplier Event in Cyprus

On 15 October, the Dorea Institute of Education organised a CyberPhish multiplier event – a workshop.

CyberPhish is a European project aimed at raising awareness about cyber security. As part of this project, DOREA organised a workshop for students, teachers, staff and the general public who want to learn how to protect themselves against cyber attacks and fraud.

Data theft is a major problem for many, as cyber criminals use faster and more innovative means to carry out data theft campaigns. Although it is a problem for many people, human-led data theft defence systems can be developed through education to properly detect and respond to data theft attacks.


During the workshop, participants have:

– Enhanced their knowledge of Cybersecurity

– Learnt about different types of phishing

– Improved their knowledge of Social Engineering

– Practised how to recognise phishing attempts/scams

– Learnt tips & tricks on how to defend themselves from cybersecurity attacks

The event was organised as a part of the “CyberPhish” project financed by Erasmus+programme. 🇪🇺

You can improve your knowledge too by joining CyberPhish online course 📱💻 The online course is open to everyone, sign up here ➡

The course is available in English 🇬🇧, Lithuanian 🇱🇹🇱, Latvian 🇱🇻, Estonian 🇪🇪 and Greek 🇨🇾🇬🇷 languages.